Live Proud. 

When you meet someone at 12, you don’t necessarily think you’ll be friends with them still when you’re 22. You definitely don’t think you’ll start an actual business with them, and you certainly don’t think that business will be making harnesses. 
But here we are. 

Two friends with one passion. Crafting.

 One with the fashion sense, one with the marketing... skill? I guess you can call it skill. (Made this website, pretty neat isn’t it?) 

Our goal has always been to express our artistic side with the world, we’ve never been able to find a way to do that. Until now.

 That handsome lad in the photos is Daniel McLaughlin. Aka Danny Boy Sparkles.

 That super cool fantastic writer/website designer/ picture taker extraordinaire (those smoke bombs? My idea) is Dimarnae Deveau aka Dimarnae Deveau. 

Together we created DD Harnesses, 
Welcome to our journey. 


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To see our gear being made head to @kelstofer on tiktok

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